The Flat Lake Festival

This wonderful Arts and Literary Festival took place at Hilton Park four years in row between the years 2007 and 2011. The event was organised by the novelist Patrick McCabe and the Welsh film director Kevin Allen on the Hilton Park estate.

The attractions of the festival were readings, comedy, music and theatre taking place among the barns and bales of hay, abandoned tractors and ancient oaks over the period of a long weekend. nthWORD called it a “off-beat, anarchic weekend that is hard to beat”.

Artists  included Seamus Heaney, Ann Enright, Shane McGowan, Mundy, Jinx Lennon, Stephen Rea, Sinead O’Connor, Neil Jordan, Edna O’Brien, Dylan Moran and David Holmes among hundreds of other very talented folk.

Some reviews of the Flat Lake Festivals

Flat Lake Festival – A modern classic in the traditional mould