Hilton Park, a home

Hilton Park is also a family home. Whether you are a family group celebrating an anniversary or birthday, a group of friends making up a country house party or visitors from overseas touring Ireland, our aim is the same; to make you all feel welcome here and to show you true Irish hospitality.

The 9th and next generation, Fred and Joanna returned from London to manage the Hilton estate around 10 years ago. Fred trained as a chef in London under Rowley Leigh at Kensington Place and cooked at the Carpenters’ Arms in Chiswick, west London. T

Johnny and Lucy Madden who previously ran Hilton as a Hidden Ireland property are still on the estate, and now live in the Orchard. They lend their experience and love of hospitality which led them to take guests for more than 25 years. Lucy has been responsible for the reputation we have gained for food; she still grows the vegetables and salads, fruits and flowers, which grace the tables. In her spare time she continues as a food writer.

Johnny will invariably be on hand should you wish to know some tales of  Hilton’s history. His particular interest lies in the farm, the woodlands and the wildlife as well as having a fund of knowledge about the history of house and family.